Wednesday, January 21, 2009

FLIRTY JOKES for mobile

1. I wrote, your name on the sand and  it got washed away,I wrote your name in the air and it got blown away,I wrote your name on my heart and I got a heart attack

2. God made daylight and called it the sun, god made entertainment  and called it fun, god  made nightlight and called it the moon, god made you and called cartoon.

3. Sweet candies are nice to eat, sweet words are easy to say but, sweet people are hard to find, oh my god! how did you find me?

4. You are lovely,you are perfect,you are beautiful,you are amazing,you are sweet,you are gorgeous,you are fantastic,you are fabulous me a  lier! :)

5. I love you I really do,I only love you, I cannot hurt you,because I love you from the bottom of my heart because dad says "love animals"

6. So sweet is your smile,so sweet is your style,so sweet is your talk,so sweet is your walk,see how sweetly I lie.

7. Life without you is impossible, you are in my breath, in my blood, can’t live without you, if you are not there I m dead, yes I can’t live without u, Oxygen

8. Sometimes my mind asks, why I miss you! why I care for you!, why I remember You!, then my Heart answered it's simple, because fool needs more care

9. Hi sweetheart, doing nothing! ,then make a place for me in your Heart! I may come there any time! Yours faithfully heart attack

10. Dark were those days without your sight, when I was in darkness you gave me light, you gave me light to make life bright, thank you so much "tubelight"

11. When your crying, when your upset, when your sad, just make a call to me, because incoming is free for me

12. Good looks catch the eyes but good personality catches the heart, you are blessed
with both!flattered! don't be, it was sent to me, I just wanted you to read it
13. You are very special for me, you should always be safe my dear, I can't be with you all the times, so be careful whenever you jump from tree to tree my monkey

14. Love is like a cigar It starts with a fire,continues with smoke, and ends in ashes ,but don't worry - we are chain smokers.

15. True love is like a pillow you can hug when you are  in trouble and you can embrace when you are happy so spend Rs.50/-Buy a pillow

16.  Words begin with ABC, numbers begin with 123 and love begins with you and me

17. Handsome, Sweet, Intelligent, spontaneous, good looking, nice friends, charming, funny well ,enough about me, how about you.

18. Let me kiss your lips,Let me feel your teeth,Let me feel your tongue,this is your friend “Toothpaste” reminding you to brush your teeth, twice a day Everyday.

19. Today, tommorow and yesterday there will be, one heart that would always beat for you,You know Whose!!!your Own Stupid!!!



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