Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sony Ericsson Naming Explained

The most common format uses a total of five (or six) characters, eg. K750i. This format begins with a capital letter to denote the series of the phone (K750i). This is then followed by three numbers (K750i).

The first number indicates the sub-series of the phone, the second indicates the amount of progression from the previous release, i.e. K700i to K750i, and the third number is always either a ‘0′ or ‘8′ and the letter ‘8′ is used either to show a variation of the phone destined for a different market without a feature , or it is used to separate phones which have identical specifications but the designs are different. Examples:

  • The W888 is a W880i without 3G
  • The K610i and K618i.

Finally, the lowercase letter at the end of the model name describes the market for which a product is intended; these are:

  • a for the Americas,
  • c for China,
  • i for an international version

There is also an ‘im’ suffix used for branding i-mode phones. Often the last letter is left out to describe the phone generically with no region specific branding.



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