Thursday, July 3, 2008

Google Phone launching end of 2007

The on-again, off-again Google Phone rumors just got a healthy stir by Digitimes. The Taiwanese tech rag says that HTC is building the phone with initial shipments set to hit by the “end of 2007″ — globally in 2008. They cite “handset component makers” as their source. The phones will feature Texas Instruments’ 3G platform with EDGE and of course built-in G-Mail and Google Maps. Unfortunately, they will not be GPS enabled. The handsets are also said to sport both Google and carrier branding with “sources” claiming that European’s Orange might be the first carrier to see the hotness. Digitimes doesn’t have the best track record with rumors so please everybody… exhale and let’s wait for secondary confirmation.
Taiwan based manufacturer HTC (High Tech Computer) has apparently begun manufacturing the Google Phone, with a shipment of 1 million units to be ready for delivery late 2007.

Google handsets, supporting Texas Instruments (TI) 3G platform and EDGE (what? no HSDPA?), will not feature GPS functionality but they will feature integrated Gmail and Google search functions.

We understand that the handsets will initially be run on the Orange network and be co-branded as Google / Orange phones.

HTC declined to comment on the report.

We will update this post as soon as more information leaks and they might be launch. I was hoping that the Google Phone would be a HSDPA device and find it hard to believe it will only use EDGE. Google has already patented a LOT of mobile phone technology.



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