Friday, July 11, 2008

List of Mobile Social Networks in India

I am trying to build a list of Mobile Social Networks / Communities in India. A lot of the major social networks have gone mobile and new ones started. There are ondeck as well as offdeck Mobile SNS’. I will put the ones I know and if I miss any please do add it in the comments section and I will update it. This will help in keeping a track in this specific domain. The following list has both general and niche communities.

Indian Mobile Social Networking / Community Sites

1. Frenzo( )
2. Tadkalive ( Gaming Community)
3. Hovr ( -Gaming Community)
4. Orkut ( )
5. Ibibo ( )

International sites popular in India

1. Facebook (
2. Linkedin ( )
3. mig33
4. Bluepulse (



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