Friday, July 18, 2008 launched,reveals the type of web-browsing device used by website visitors announce the launch of today. This  ground-breaking service provides users with the knowledge of which device each visitor to their website is using – whether it be phone, blackberry or  other portable device. There are currently over 7000 device variants the  service can identify. have recently launched a beta service globally. The system, once connected to a website will identify what device each person is viewing your site from. Armed with this information, web developers and  designers can then display the correct view to match the expectations,  features and limitations of each device such as a touch screen UI for the  I-Phone browsers
The mobile analytics dashboard provides a real time  insight into audience devices.
*Why is it important?*
With the rapid change within the mobile phone industry and the advance of  new handsets across the world, more people are accessing websites from  mobile and handheld devices than ever before. In fact, in some countries  such as India, the mobile device is now becoming the primary point for internet access.
*What happens to a website that does not use this technology?*
Websites written in FLASH or built for large traditional laptops and  desktops are likely to unusable or offer a poor user experience when viewing from small screen devices such as a mobile (cell) phone, blackberry and other similar handsets.
The more knowledge a web developer has about the user’s device the better their ability to optimise a site for the visitor.
*Why now?*
We all await the launch of the new Apple I-Phone with great anticipation. According to mobile research firm m:Metrics, almost 85% of the I-Phone owners interviewed browse the Web on their phones, versus 58% of the U.S.
smart-phone market and 13.1% of the overall U.S. mobile market. If the version two of the I-Phone has the same impact as version one, there will again be a substantial increase in activity when compared to the industry prior to the launch of this device. This is also helped by the ever growing [and reducing cost] of WiFi network access, and general 3G data availability.
David Manjra, Director of says: *”Looking to the future, there will continue to be a rapid increase in
mobile phone and portable device web surfing. In two years’ time, your website audience will be as likely to come from a mobile device as it is from a traditional computer.”*
*”It is vital that marketing departments and website owners do not lose that contact with their customer through badly formatted or unviewable websites. If they seize the opportunity now, they can future proof their site, and stay one step ahead of their competitors”* is offering this solution as a free service while in Beta phase. Visit for more information.



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