Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mobile internet users on the rise in the Middle East

A rising number of Middle East business people are using mobile devices to access the internet, while fewer are using computers, according to a new survey released recently. The survey, presented to the Digital Marketing Conference in Dubai by the Dubai-based research company Real Opinions, said computers were still by far the main way to connect to the internet.
However, the percentage who regularly logged in to the web with their mobiles increased from 33.5% in February 2007 to 40% last month. The number of people using desktops to log in decreased from 63.50% to 58.93%, while those using laptops slid from 82.80% to 81.35%, reported The National newspaper.
But for mobile internet to do well in this region, the operator’s will have to bring down the usage cost and encourage adoption. Currently prices are quite high and if you see the recent release from Bango on the browsing behavior of user’s, middle east countries are no where.


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