Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nimbuzz launches Android application

android-logo Nimbuzz has announced the launch of an Android application for it’s mobile social messaging service. The free app for Android comes after the updated iPhone 3.0 release in mid-July.
What does Nimbuzz do?
It’s a mobile messaging hub, combining a lot of different services in one application. Nimbuzz mainly focuses on Instant Messaging, geo-presence, and VoIP. Through the Nimbuzz “buddy list”, you can see if your friends are available to talk, what service they are available over, and where they are. It acts as a hub for quite a few existing services, including Skype, Google Talk, AIM, Facebook and MySpace.
Whats unique about Android app?
Unique to the Android app is a “local social network” feature. What it means is that Nimbuzz users in non-English speaking countries will have access to their most popular national networks. The examples given were Hyves in the Netherlands, StudiVZ from Germany, Gadu-Gadu from Poland, and Giovani from Italy. The Nimbuzz blog also claims that Skype IM is a unique feature to the Android version, with other versions only using the VoIP part of Skype.
Another cool new feature is a “time-sensitive” click. If you touch a friends contact in the app, it opens their profile. But if you touch and hold, it starts a chat.


Its good to hear about the launch of Nimbuzz Application for Android phones, I am currently using Vopium another Mobile VoIP app on my Android phone, I think no one can gives me the cheapest rates then Vopium, But I go for Nimbuzz as well because of its IM


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