Friday, September 11, 2009

‘Mobisodes-On-Demand’ to light-up 3G mobiles

MoVi, Mumbai-based made-for-mobile content fountainhead, has teamed up with Dallas-based telecom convergent solutions provider, Corpus, to launch a bouquet of video-on-demand unicast for the broadband 3G mobile user. MoVi plans to launch its Mobisodic journey initially across 7 leading Asian Mobile markets along with Corpus’s expertise in VAS and support solutions while the joint offering will be scaled up globally.
“The proposed MoVi-Corpus joint portfolio for the 3G media platform is a premium mix of video-on-demand and value added services, world’s first that stands to benefit all of the creators, operators and consumers in the digital value chain of convergence,” says Amit Dev, Co-founder,’ Third Generation Mobile Pvt. Ltd,’ the holding company of MoVi brand.
They are intended to give Mobile operators the value-added opportunity to increase the critical ARPU [Average Revenue Per User], while loyalty coupons attached in the mobisodes serve to retain customers on the mobile operators’ network, thus reducing the dreaded churn factor.
As the mobile consumption is rapidly evolving, mobisodes seek to bring the next big growth wave in the telecom industry, as they are made available ‘On¬demand’ instead of the conventional broadcast platform.
“This joint package truly leverages all the essential skillsets and learning by our experts for tailor-made solution strategy to match mobile media advertisers with specific client needs,” adds Sachin Tummala, co-founder of Corpus Media Labs.
Original 300-second duration mobisodes are custom-produced for consumption by customers over an icon based interactive application enabling them to pull content of their liking. Says Amit Dev, “With the new Mobisodic content revolution, we bring the creative best of India to the rest of the world, so for our subscribers, Anytime is Prime time!”.
Meta-tags on video clips enable mobile consumers, for example, to select through options to buy the original video DVD or the soundtrack or later even to book tickets for films. Contests enable them to cash in on special offers at select restaurants or the affiliated coffee shops; while planned country specific cross-promotional tie-ups could prompt the subscriber viewing a video recipe to buy packaged ingredients from Mail-order, at their door-step.



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