Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Google thinks about the future of mobile ?

Google’s Andy Rubin thinks this of the future of mobile:

* Smart alerts: Your phone will be smart about your situation and alert you when something needs your attention.

* Augmented reality: Your phone uses its arsenal of sensors to understand your situation and provide you information that might be useful.

* Crowd sourcing goes mainstream: Your phone is your omnipresent microphone to the world, a way to publish pictures, emails, texts, Twitters, and blog entries.

* Sensors everywhere: Your phone knows a lot about the world around you.

* Tool for development: Your phone may be more than just a convenience, it may be your livelihood.

* The future-proof device: Your phone will open up, as the Internet already has, so it will be easy for developers to create or improve applications and content.

* Safer software through trust and verification: Your phone will provide tools and information to empower you to decide what to download, what to see, and what to share.



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