Thursday, April 2, 2009

so, who’s actually watching videos on his mobile?

Nielsen Wire published the other week a survey’s conclusion, according to which over 10 million Americans consume video content on their mobiles. That’s a 14% rise compared to Q2 2008. What’s the common profile of these mobile video consumers? Here are some facts about them, taken from Nielsen Wires website:
- 65% of mobile video viewers are under the age of 35 - compared to 35% for total mobile subscribers
- 32% of mobile video viewers are between 25-34 years old
- 18% of mobile video viewers are teens - an avid and engaged mobile video segment
- On average, teens watch 22 mobile video sessions per month and spend 15 minutes per session viewing mobile video
- Over half of teens (54%) report watching video on their cell phones in bed - that’s 1.5x more likely than average viewers
- 64% of teens report watching programs to completion - the highest portion of any age group
- Teens are watching an average of 11.7 channels a month on their cell phones
- Teens are also more interested in seeing more user-generated content in the future than average viewers
Now all it takes is for the advertisers to grasp the potential and there’s really no stopping us…



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