Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Look At This Black Beauty-Nokia's Latest Two Head Cell Phone

Recently I read a article about this Nokia's latest mobile(Nokia 6555).Its feauters were fantastic.So i decided to share with u all.Here's a design concept by Daewoo Kim for a cell phone that might actually be practical in desperate situations, because when one phone runs out of power, the other one can charge it up. And look at them, aren't they cute, spooning on that charger together? Cell phone purveyors will probably like this design, because it may entice people to buy two products instead of one. There's another unique idea built into this cell phone, too.

        * Nokia 6555 is Skinny Clamshell with 3G, Analog Clock, Video Sharing.     * Nokia 6555 is the first WCDMA phone with a smooth-back fold design.     * It has a QVGA 16 million color internal display on a large 240×320 screen, 30MB internal memory, microSD slot, Bluetooth and the self-portrait and video sharing camera.     * Available in black, red and meta`llic peach-or is that apricot.



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