Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BPL Mobile leads the way in launching International Voice SMS on Kirusa’s patented platforms

BPL Mobile, has launched an International Voice SMS service, allowing BPL Mobile subscribers to send Voice SMS messages to Mobile users across the world. BPL Mobile has chosen Kirusa, inventor of Voice SMS and a leading provider of Mobile value added services, as its vendor.

The international Voice SMS service built upon Kirusa’s patented Voice SMS platform allows BPL Mobile subscribers to send a Voice SMS to people across the globe whenever convenient, without having to worry about time zone differences or the high cost of international voice calling. The recipient is able to retrieve the Voice SMS with a local call, and reply to it easily. With this launch, sending Voice SMS messages internationally will become as simple and timely as delivering a Voice SMS message within India. No special user training is required for either the sender or recipient. A BPL Mobile subscriber dials *00 and the international number; records a voice message; and then hangs-up to send the message. The recipient gets an SMS from the BPL Mobile subscriber, with an embedded Direct Listen™ link, which is a local number in the country of the recipient. Kirusa’s patented technology enables the recipient to click on the Direct Listen link to directly listen to the message.



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