Monday, September 15, 2008

In depth and detailed N82 review

Mike Evans from Mobile Mentalism has produced a lengthy three part hands on review of the N82, handily broken down for easy reading.
He defines the N82’s primary purpose as ‘fun’, and backs it up by saying everything about the device is designed around ‘pictures, video or music’. The media gallery is ‘neat’ – needing only one button push to get directly to your images. The camera is a ‘good’un’, and the ‘powerful xenon flash’ is handy for taking snaps in his dark back yard. The final part of the review covers apps and the summary, where Mike says he was ‘very impressed’ with the device.
Having waded through all three parts of the review, is there anything that Mike may have missed that you are keen to know? Are you a fan of this device? Jump over and let him know.


The N82 comes with a neat candy bar form factor that fits easily in the hand as well as the pocket. Despite its huge range of features, it's just 50.2 x 112 x 17.3mm in size,or as thin as the original RAZR was.
On the back, as you'd expect, is the camera, with xenon flash just above it and a shutter to protect the lens when not in use.
Around the sides are a plethora of buttons, including:
  • USB port
  • microSD card slot
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • dedicated camera button
  • volume control buttons
  • media gallery button
The media gallery button is particularly neat as it takes you directly to your photos and videos with just a single push. No hunting for the gallery menu or trying to work out what icon does what. Just push the button and your videos and pictures are displayed instantly. Perfect for when you're trying to show your mates a pic while blind drunk!
One thing that is a bit annoying is the keypad. The buttons aren't exactly big, and it's easy to hit the wrong button. Not too much of a problem when calling someone, but it can be really annoying why typing in a Web address in the browser, or worse, trying to play a game.



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